"In this classroom, relationships are fostered, families are respected, and children are honored.
In this classroom, nature's gifts are valued and children's thoughts are captured.
In this classroom, learning is alive and aesthetic beauty is appreciated." -Unknown

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Does the Music Make You Feel??

Last spring I met Ms. Dana at a Montessori class we were both taking at our local college. One of our assignments was to set up the environment in the college classroom in an aesthetically pleasing way. She brought in some of her paintings, which I loved, and I asked then if she would be willing to come into our preschool classroom and paint one day. She agreed to do so. 

Dana's paintings are unique. She listens to music and paints as it inspires her to do so. I love the concept and thought it would be very interesting for the preschoolers to see the process, then try it for themselves.

We cleared out an area of the room for Dana to do her painting. She set up her easel, we got the CD player cued up for her, set out viewing chairs for interested children, and she was good to go.

The children watched intently. We encouraged them to watch quietly so Ms. Dana and they could hear the music she was playing and watch how it inspired her to paint. A few friends made predictions about what they thought she was going to paint and some stated what they "saw" in the painting. 

Ms. Dana completed her painting and we gathered for our group time. She spoke to the children. She shared that she painted based on how the music made her feel. She talked about certain colors creating particular feelings in her. She asked the children about some colors and how they made the children feel. 

Ms. Dana showed them a color wheel and discussed complementary colors and how many people use them in their artwork. She showed another painting she had done before with blue and orange and showed the colors to them on the color wheel.

After speaking to our group she told us that she was letting us keep the painting she had created in our classroom. How exciting!!

We now plan to get some canvases and acrylic paints, select some choice music, and let the children experience painting as inspired by music themselves. Thanks so much, Ms. Dana!!


  1. With art. It is the natural, unristricted form of expression. It is endless, beholding and allows one to bring forth their inner most feelings upon the canvas or any other form of medium.
    Brian Woodward

    1. I totally agree, Brian. I remember as a child in elementary school having music playing and having a large white sheet of paper in front of me beckoning to be changed with the movement of the music. I just purchased some canvases today for the kids to express themselves. I can't wait!