"In this classroom, relationships are fostered, families are respected, and children are honored.
In this classroom, nature's gifts are valued and children's thoughts are captured.
In this classroom, learning is alive and aesthetic beauty is appreciated." -Unknown

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Block Creativity 101

I absolutely love it when the children use the hands-on building blocks provided and combine them with their creativity and imagination to express themselves. The things that our adult minds would think they would create are very rarely what it becomes, as it should be. 

Sometimes I provide a provocation, to promote interest in the area, but most of the time their creations are developed in their minds long before they remove a block from the shelf.

We often see them combining multiple types of blocks and/or blocks with other materials.

This little one used the magnatiles to house our cork friends.
I had taken a photo of each child and adhered them to a
cork. The kids use them for all kinds of adventures.
Love how the kids
 posed the dolls
around the structure.
 "I'm queen of the hill!!"

Unit blocks, color blocks, beaded blocks

Unit blocks and bamboo blocks

Unit blocks, tree blocks, foam forms we use as "caves" for
the woodland creatures

Sometimes we see them using them to count or to "set" things in motion.

Then there are the times when it's an amazing confidence booster.

After building with the brick blocks
this friend placed his "cork friend" on
the top and announced, "Look how
tall I am!"


  1. ooooo.... i am mad about blocks !!! these all look like great adventures are being had everyday in your classroom !!! how wonderful Barbara ! thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm a huge advocate for blocks, Autumn Mama. I try to switch them out for different kinds every month or so and also change out the accompanying block accessories so there's always a variety of options. I must admit the kiddos often come up with scenarios and scenes I didn't plan, which I LOVE!!